Note that this project will be transitioning to the address Downloadable packages are still offered here for legacy reasons, but you should expect newer builds at the new location. Availability will be indicated on this home page.

Project Description
Accessing the Common Language Runtime (.NET or Mono) from the R statistical software, in-process.

interfacing R and .NET; R and Mono; R to .NET; CLR hosting; embedding Mono

Installation instructions
Please follow the Installing R packages in the Documentation. A Quick start page documents the first steps to get the library loaded in R.


2013-09-21: Release 0.5-2 (beta 5)
  • Fixed memory leaks when passing R vectors to .NET
  • Major improvement to the handling and reporting of CLR exceptions on MS.NET
  • The download page also has a tarball of the sources
  • Support for Mono included in the windows binaries. Date-time handling is the main lagging feature.

  • Building and running with the latest GNU/Linux Debian "Sid" (a.k.a. unstable) with its Mono packages appears to work fine.
  • Majority of unit tests pass on Mono; a couple of date-time handling issues are in Mono itself.
  • Started a blog at, hopefully soon aggregated via

2013-06-16: Release of beta 4 for Windows rClr beta 4 - Windows package. Better documentation, date-time handling moving to POSIXct. Mono support is not included in this release. Side note: at the time of release, the unit test package 'testthat' has a bug (nothing to do with rClr it seems). You may need to run them using the good old copy-paste...

The R Project for Statistical Computing has seen an outstanding adoption in many scientific fields and is a tool of choice for many. Some things are still better done in other languages (C, Fortran, Java, .NET, etc.).
There are ways to link R in-process with most languages, however the interoperability with .NET is lagging.
R.NET offers one way to access R from a Common Language Runtime implementation (CLR).
The project rClr offers the access to a CLR from R in a manner natural to R users.

To give a feel for the capabilities, below is an extract from the tutorials. A hydrology model written in C# and its time series outputs are visualized in R.


rClr aims to be for .NET CLR implementations (.NET framework and Mono) what rJava is for Java.

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