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Caret in Rgui seems to be impaired by some R API print calls


Known annoyance. Not a blocker but an irritant:
testDir <- system.file('tests', package='rClr') 
source(file.path(testDir, 'load_libs.r'))
clrCallStatic(cTypename, "ThrowException", 10L)
workaround: a CTRL-L seems to get some things back in the clear, though completion operations and backspace still behave oddly.
Probably something to search/ask to R-devel : how are Rprintf and error() calls supposed to be enacted. Are there dos and don;ts?


jperraud wrote Oct 26, 2013 at 7:58 AM

I'll put in on the 'low' impact. I seem to have issues with Rgui.exe even without loading rClr. Also get similar issues using knitr when processing R markdown.