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Why, when the package is rClr?

Well, first in, best dressed: Someone else claimed the project name rclr a couple of days earlier. Fair enough.

Runtime behavior

The memory keeps growing

Very likely. While I think I have a handle on the GC of R and the CLR, there is probably some loose ends in notably in the COM code relating to the Microsoft .NET CLR hosting interfaces (I mean my code). Offers of advice, code review and contributions are welcome!

Compilation issues

unresolved external symbol Rf_xxxx

Error 1 error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol RfsetAttrib referenced in function "struct SEXPREC * _cdecl mkDateSexp(int,double *)" (?mkDateSexp@@YAPEAUSEXPREC@@HPEAN@Z) C:\src\codeplex\r2clr\packages\rClr\src\rClr.obj rClr (Visual Studio 2010)


a new Rdll.lib needs to be generated from R.def.

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