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Instructions for beta packages

As of beta packages, the installation should be straightforward with the following instructions.

The download is a zip file. It can be installed using the 'R CMD INSTALL' command. Alternatively, from an R console you can use
See ?install.packages from the R console for all details and options.

Microsoft Visual C++ runtime

You'll need the Visual C++ 2012 runtime installed (If using a development version, may be the 2013 runtime); you are likely to have it already setup on your computer. Check that you have the file 'msvcr110.dll' (respectively, msvcr120.dll for a development version built with Visual Studio 2013) in your c:\Windows\System32 folder:


As of September 2013 the windows package anyway checks for the presence of this library on load, and gives a link to the present page if not found.

Please get the suitable installer from the Microsoft web site:

Quick check: running the test suite

A quick way to check the package loads correctly is to run the unit tests with:


Note that as of September 2013, not all date-time related issues pass when running with the Mono CLR.

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