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  • Ensure consistent code formatting (VS.NET text editor options)
  • update build number:
    • in the DESCRIPTION file
    • update the NEWS and INSTALL files, and or alike if any
    • in the file packages\rClr\R\rClr-package.r, for roxygen2 documentation
  • prior to updating the docco, you probably want to check/install an updated package. See next line and pointer to CMD line build instructions
  • you probably will do a few iterations over the following sub-steps
    • make sure to update the documentation from roxygen; see build\document_rClr.r.
    • rebuild the vignettes to HTML see build\document_rClr.r
    • R CMD check of package build passes with a minimum of warnings and notes
    • (optional?) check the CRAN packaging process; r2clr\doc\notesonbuild_CRAN.txt
      • build the package with R CMD build --as-cran to get a tarball. Note: known issue with file permission if check on that; at least if built via a CMD prompt. Maybe OK on Linux?
  • All unit tests pass within determined scope
    • On the dev machine
    • Install/test on a machine with unprivileged user credentials
  • Work on a "clean" laptop wiped of prerequisites
    • Install/run; Check/update the installation process on the go
  • Run through tutorials
  • Document the mapping of data types between R and .NET

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